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This is the “Plamp”. A Passion Flower plant grows around an energy saving (!) lamp. You can grow it or cut it to dim or brighten the light. Alternative versions come with plants such as such as Woodbine (Lonicera), grape, and tomato plant.

Before the Plamp was created, several prototypes of plant lamps were made by  and posted on this blog (Have a look at sketch 1, prototype1, prototype 2, prototype3) Bloggers could give their feedback, so he was able to improve the design even more. More than 150.000 people from all over the world have visited the site. Seventy visitors contributed with their feedback. As a reward for the blogging community he decided to make the Plamp available as a free downloadable do-it-yourself manual.

You can download it here:

The Plamp created a lot of buzz on the web and was featured in several online magazines such as Treehugger, Apartment Therapy, Core77 and more.

More info:


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